Unification of Gravitation and Electromagnetic force (Third Portion)

Zheng Shengming

According to new discover law of moving photon does create force, we can know the reason why moving photon become electron-positron pair and can get that the elementary particle in Nature is photon, from this we can know the Nature foundation: First the matter of producing gravitation and electromagnetic force is based on the same matter: photon; Second the interaction force in the Nature follow into the one rule: according to one formula to do work. Humanity has known Gravitation, Coulomb force, Magnetic force, Van der Waals force etc., but unable to describe accurately the interaction between atoms, or particles until today, here applying new discoveries to describe the interaction between atoms show the nature foundation of interaction. Meanwhile this paper also show that the Millikan's elementary charge is not natural phenomenon, reveal the essence of matter wave is also due to force.

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