The Fauna of Unionidae and Corbiculidae Family in the Water Reservoirs of Surkhandarya River

Kh T Boymurodov

Surkhandarya is located in the south of the republic. It includes the Sherabad valley and the surrounding mountains. The country borders with the Babatag and Khisor Mountains in the east and the northern east. Surkhandarya flows through Kashkadarya, northern-west to Amudarya. The rivers in the Surkhandarya region are mostly covered by snow, glacial irrigation and underground waters. The diversity of natural conditions in Surkhandarya has led to the distribution of many unique, endemic and relict animals. Nowadays, important problem is to research clam of Uniondae and Corbiculidae`s family in water reservoirs of Surkhandarya.

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