Nanodrug Delivery Systems-A Review

MN Anusha, N Aravindha Babu, KMK Masthan, S Leena Sankari

The chief methods of drug delivery are oral route and injections and it is been limited with the advent of new drugs. Such drugs aren’t effective with the same route of administration when concerned to a particular therapy. New biologic medications, such as proteins and nucleic acids, necessitate innovative delivery strategies that reduce adverse effects and improve patient compliance. Nanometer sized drug particles have unique properties that can contribute to improved performance in a number of dosage formats. This size range of particles is resistant to settling and can have increased saturation solubility, quick dissolution and enhanced adherence to biological surfaces, resulting in a faster commencement of therapeutic action and improved bioavailability. Nanotechnology is being used by scientists to tackle both traditional and innovative drug delivery applications.

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