Modelling the Mechanisms of the Processes Quantum Conversion Energy and the Performances in Gas Dynamics Laser GDLS

Mohammedi Ferhat*, Laggoun Chaouki

In this paper we present the design and discus the performances and develop the mechanisms of the physics process of continuous gas laser dynamics GDLs, based on molecules N2 (v=1)→CO2 (001) (v=3). The main objectives of work in this area are, obtaining the high laser energies in short time durations needed for the feasibility studies the physical principles that can be used to make laser sources capable of delivering high average powers. We note that, in order to reach both objectives, one has to convert electrical or chemical energy into laser energy, using dense gaseous media. The process generating the wave excited, on the basis of the excited level vibration, theoretical predictions are compared with computer simulation.

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