Immunostimulant and Free Radical Scavenging Studies of Ganoderma applanatum

Madhu Divakar, Lins Mary Joy

The immunostimulant activity of the chloroform/methanol extract of Ganoderma applanatum was investigated by determining the phagocytic index. The percentage immunostimulation was found to be 88% for the CHCl3: MeOH (1:1) Ganoderma applanatum Extract (GAE). The free radical scavenging activity studies were performed by utilizing in vitro model of hydroxyl, superoxide and lipid peroxide radical generating system. Results indicated that GAE at 100 mcg/ml showed 88.1%, 89.19% and 81.87% scavenging activity of hydroxyl, superoxide and lipid peroxide radical respectively. The LC50 was determined using brine shrimp assay method and calculated as 875 mcg/ml.

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