Design of Fermenter and Fluidized Bed Bioreactor

Ramesh Chandragiri*, Nikhil Chakravarthy

The influences of ambient conditions and treated has to done by cell level perspective of mass transfer and heat transfer by microbial system. The effects considered are (i) consumption of substrates, (ii) output of products, (iii) production of heat and (iv) aggregation and direct influenced by microbial environment conditions. The drawback of environmental control is treated for the case of a stirred tank fermenter and the control parameters considered are system geometry, aeration rate, intensity of agitation, temperature, pressure, nutrient supply, pH and other parameters involving, dilution rate in continuous systems and foaming. Design of fermenters and automation of fermentations does not provide a detailed insight. Fluidized bed bioreactors as well as development of knowhow for production of a variety of food enzymes (typically used on small food products like peas, shrimp or sliced vegetables,) have led to the commercial exploitation of the technology by industry.

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