Characterization of Corrosion properties of Aluminium 6013-Red Mud Metal Matrix Composites in Sodium Hydroxide Medium

Chandrashekara KN, Sreenivasa K, Krupakara

The current work is the concentrate of assembling and consumption portrayal of aluminum 6013/red mud particulate MMCs in basic medium. The MMCs are produced by utilizing vortex strategy where fluid soften metallurgical procedure was utilized which is additionally called stir casting technique. Composite materials containing red mud particulates with 2,4 and 6 weight rate were produced by the above strategy. Aluminum 6013 alloy was likewise casted so as to contrast the outcomes and composite materials. The samples are machined according to ASTM principles. The tests utilized for portrayal concerning corrosion properties were static weight reduction corrosion test and potentiodynamic polarization. Tests were done in sodium hydroxide arrangements with three distinct concentrate solutions. Polarization tests were directed utilizing electrochemical work station fabricated by CH instruments USA. The outcomes acquired for MMCs were contrasted and the outcomes got for network compound uncovered that the composite materials show improved corrosion opposition and diminishes corrosion rate. Hence MMCs containing red mud particulates are more reasonable in aviation, car and marine enterprises applications than the matrix compound.

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